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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Always Evolving

So I've finally done it. I have finally created the much anticipated blog, now where to start....well, a lot has happened lately and I'm ready to purge the facts (and a little fiction, just to throw you off course)in the hopes that some of you may be slightly entertained and maybe even a little comforted.

Let me begin by saying that none of this would have been brought to my attention without my Aunt Lisa and Michelle- so thank you both very much!

About 2 years ago my mom, my aunts, and myself sat in the living room with  glasses of wine in hand and discussed life (as we often do when they come to stay). At the time I was maybe 23 and completely enamoured with love. I hadn't vocalized my plans to marry yet to my family, but they knew that with every 6 month milestone in the relationship the plans for a wedding drew nearer. I'll never forget Michelle prodding me politely about my relationship. I played coy but she undoubtedly smelled the fragrance of amore wafting from my pores. "Nope, no plans to marry...just taking it day by day, who knows what could happen" was my favorite line. Michelle cut straight through my sentence and point blank told me, "Just wait until you're 25....you have to trust me on this one, something happens at 25," my aunt Lisa concurred and they went on to explain that something shifts at that age, like you're reborn or like a mid-life crisis takes place, something strange like that. I didn't really think too much about it but I was a little eager to find out what this great shift was all about! Michelle was always gentle enough in her approach not to scare the crap out of the decision you were about to make to jump off of a ledge, but to politely urge you to slowly turn around and give it a second thought. I was slightly intrigued but mostly exhausted after my flight from Columbus, so we finished our wine, crawled into our beds and sort of forgot about the conversation.

As I approach my 26th birthday I COMPLETELY understand what Michelle was saying! Like a lightening bolt to the face- 25 hit me and sparked a quarter life crisis.


  1. Love it so far... can't wait for you to continue...

  2. I never knew you had such a talent for writing!! And... I'm about to be 25!! I cant wait to hear more about the "change" ..I need all the prep I can get!!

  3. I think this is my favorite story.... EVER!

  4. Why haven't you continued with this blog? It is something beautifully written and you just stopped. Did your crisis end?

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